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  • i.Speed is a pure on-piste ski.

  • i.Magnum is built for all-day speed.

  • i.Rally does it all in a way that is fast, friendly, and forgiving.

  • i.Titan is for skiers who want total flexibility.

  • Its ultra-narrow SuperShape footprint means fast and incredibly precise edge-to-edge movement. It’s geometry is optimized for tight turns and explosive power. This is the closest you can get to a race ski without turning pro.

  • Its wider footprint and slightly relaxed shovel give it a broader comfort zone. While it’s harmonious blend of speed and handling enable you to go faster, for longer

  • Its combination of widened SuperShape geometry and ultra light core keep you on point both On-Piste and Off-Piste. This is the hybrid ski at its very best.

  • Thanks to its wide footprint and high shovel, it's ready for All Mountain adventure. It's a highly stable, low vibration ski that'll keep you smiling everywhere, all day long.

All SuperShape skis are powered by GrapheneTM and KERSTM

Turn style

  • 68mm footprint for fast, aggressive edge-to-edge transitions.

  • Tightest carve radius of SuperShape range.

  • Ready for every turn, ready for you to switch it up.

  • Turns every turn into a no-brainer.


  • Edgy and agile, full of feedback for the most confident skiers.

  • Controlled aggression. High speed made highly enjoyable.

  • Easy to ski, easy to push, easy to cruise.

  • Maximum float and a more relaxed feel for all day skiing pleasure.

Sizes - Dimensions - Sidecut radius

  • 156/163/170/177/184 cm

    124-68-104 mm

    14 *

  • 149/156/163/170/177 cm

    13.1 *

  • 149/156/163/170/177 cm

    13.7 *

  • 156/163/170/177 cm

    14.1 *

Shovel illustrations

A smaller shovel radius means the front contact area of the ski moves forward and engages faster into a turn.